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Oh my god, has it been that long..

2008-11-10 18:41:01 by Baystream

So... It has been over four years since my last submission. Man that's a long time. I really should find some time and create something new one day. Too bad I don't have as much free time as I used to anymore. Animation is a very time consuming thing, I bet you all know that. It seems like I've gone more and more over to real video instead of animation. It takes alot quicker to just capture things on tape instead of drawing and animating them. ;-) Oh well, no one probably even remembers me or my submissions anymore.. :P so I don't know why I'm writing this.. Just felt like writing something. :P


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2008-12-30 22:46:07

what you made was funny!


2009-08-30 19:28:41

It's just nice to see that ur still alive


2010-01-16 22:54:35